Monday, April 24, 2006

Nothing New

Not much to add, but I didn't want you guys to think I'd forgotten about updating the blog. Of course I could always chat about getting our septic tank permit, but I don't think that is an entertaining topic worth mentioning. Unless of course you talk to Aaron. Then he'll be discussing the size of the drain field. Hmm... Interesting... Really!

This weekend Aaron and I camped out. Well, actually Aaron camped out and I visited. Some families from church invited us to go camping with them and I just have to write about how much FUN Aaron and I have camping. It made me really wish we were married so that I could stay. As it is, I had to leave before the gate closed and the gate was locked at 10:30 every night. Except for Saturday night when they closed it earlier and then blamed ME for not leaving earlier! I was at the gate at 10:26 and they complained that they had to come unlock it!
Anyway, other than that minor incident we grilled chicken, hamburgers and steak (not all the same night!) and enjoyed sitting by the lake and taking walks at nighttime. We also had a big fire going the whole time we were there. It is SO relaxing to be outdoors. And I am SO glad I have a boyfriend that enjoys the same things I do.

Aaron bought a travel trailer and it really is pretty cozy. It is cute and I am glad that we have it. We can't wait to have lots of fun camping trips in it one day!!!!!

Sorry for the boring blog today!

Monday, April 17, 2006

Our House

Here is the design for the house we've picked! It's a cute little cape cod. We're going to add a wrap around porch on the front and a covered porch on the back too (since the back will face the "mountains"). We're also going to have a fireplace and a basement.

Click here for a photo of the house and the house plans! Click on "House Plans" and then click on "Lake Blue Ridge" You can see a photo and the house plans.

I have the day off today and came into work with Aaron. It's fun to work with him! We also signed mortgage papers today so we can have a better idea of how much this fun project is going to actually COST us. The money part is the stressful part. Once we commit to it, then we'll be able to relax and ENJOY this beautiful time in our lives!

We went to see Aaron's family this weekend and it was SO fun to get to share our excitement with them. They're excited too and that makes it even more special for us. Thanks to all the our friends and family who actually ENJOY hearing our super boring tales about square footage, property lines, phlat drawings, etc.. etc..

Monday, April 10, 2006


What a WEEK Aaron and I had. It was truly a tough week. We went back and forth about this land. We really struggled with whether or not we jumped in this too fast, whether or not we could afford a house, what kind of house to build… Man, the list of concerns seemed so heavy. But we prayed. And God listened. He always does. On Thursday we pretty much decided we just needed to back out and start over with an affordable house in a subdivision. On Friday I determined to go talk to the builder myself and get a few questions answered. We were just assuming we knew the answers and you can’t make decisions based on what you THINK you know. Somehow Aaron took off early and met me there. We really didn’t even know what to ask. We’d seen all of the builders houses and house plans. We knew they were all expensive. And furthermore, Aaron and I couldn’t agree on any of them. BUT (here’s the good part) we met with the builder and somehow, from somewhere he pulled out this drawing of a house that we hadn’t seen before. It was beautiful. We hesitantly asked the cost. It was IN our price Range!! How amazing!! And we can afford to add a basement. It is a two story house with a little porch on the front and we’re going to put a big porch on the back facing the mountains!! The two-story house was cheaper than a one story if you add a basement to it! What a delight! God is so good. The heavy burden I felt last week just seemed lifted with peace. After meeting with the builder, aaron and I drove to Dahlonega and ate ice cream and laid in the grass right in the middle of the square. It was the perfect day. Then we went to Longhorns to celebrate. (Notice, we eat our dessert first! Aaron and I do tend to do things OUR own way!). I woke up Saturday EXCITED about our house and our land. I can’t WAIT. We may even be able to close earlier now. The seller wants us to but we weren’t sure if we could or not and now it seems like everything is falling into place!! I am SO excited!

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

More Pics... Enjoy!

The waterfall (from above)

Look at Mama! Isn't she cute?

Our picnic

Aaron's ready to go!

My Sweetheart

This is me with the sweetest guy in the whole wide world. He’s my hero.

Pictures of our Property

Aaron and I just signed a contract to buy this property if everything goes well!! We will close on May 12, 2006 and it will be OURS! We feel SOO blessed. Here are a few pictures of our property. Last Sunday we took our family to show them this place we've fallen in love with. We took a picnic and ate on the spot where one day our house will hopefully be. Then we hiked to the waterfall and the creeks. The dog in the creek is Kari's dog, Duke. He loved the water!